Apple’s innovation

For years, Samsung & LG have been teasing the public with bending display. Well, Apple has beat Samgung & LG to the punch by introducing the world’s first bending smartphone. This is not all. By upgrading to iPhone’s operating system, IOS 8.0.1, you will lose your ability to make voice calls or even access the

What is the parking lot number?

Startup Secrets Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Startup Secret #1: Don’t be afraid to say “no” more than “yes.” As a startup, you will be defined as much (or more) by what you say “No” to as what you say “Yes” to. Perhaps the single most important Startup Secret is to find your focal point. As an entrepreneur, you are naturally inclined to be ambitious,

How to create data URIs using PHP

<?php echo base64_encode(file_get_contents("image.png")) ?> Why do this? Less HTTP Requests. Other than pure document size, number of HTTP requests determines how fast or slow a page loads. Less = better.

How to create Ribbon Menu

By using css pseudo-element, you can create triangle on the left & right end of the horizontal menu.

How to Clean Up your WordPress DB

Some of you may have noticed how often WordPress autosaves everything. I notice how while writing and editing my posts, WordPress saves each revision ever so often. The disadvantage of this is that your database will get filled with thousands of post revisions, trackbacks, pingbacks, unapproved comments and trashed items pretty quickly. A cluttered database

Google wants Samsung to abandon Tizen OS

Google CEO Larry Page has reportedly confronted Samsung over its preference for smartwatches running Tizen software, rather than Android Wear. According to The Information website, Page and Samsung chairman Jay Y. Lee held tense talks at a private meeting last week. The report claims Page voiced his frustration that Samsung was investing more in devices

Happy 4th of July

On Independence Day, celebrations across the United States depend on China. The sparklers, bottle rockets and Roman candles you’ve used this Fourth of July almost certainly came from there. So did the professional-grade pyrotechnics that’ll be launched above the Washington Monument on Friday night. My nephew Patrick has driven all the way to Wyoming to

A German Brazilian man undergoes 10 plastic surgery to look more Korean

Xiahn Nishi, whose former name was Max, fell in love with Asian culture during a student exchange trip to South Korea so much so that he’s undergone 10 procedures to look more Korean. The skin around his eyes was injected with hyaluronic acid to make the eyes appear smaller. He also dyed his hair to

Who is more talented?

ナイト・オブ・ナイツ cover LOL This PC’s graphic card has hard time keeping up with sheet music note/midi roll.


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