How to fry shrimps in 3 seconds

No CG. Looks delicious.

The Immigration Accountability Executive Action (IAEA) Summary

application process will probably start in the spring no requirement to pay back taxes for deferred action parents 1. Parents of US citizens and lawful permanent residents will now be eligible for deferred action is they have been present since 1/1/2010 and have five years of total presence in the US. Applicants will be subject

Why should anyone develop Tizen app for smart TV?

Samsung is hoping to make it easier for developers to build apps for its smart TV devices. As part of that effort, the consumer electronics giant has decided to enable developers to leverage the Tizen operating system to do so. The SDK is aimed at courting web developers to build apps for smart TVs,

The Colorado Super Shale

In September 1860, a prospector named Gabriel Bowen was on a hunting/trapping expedition when he encountered the strong odor of petroleum. He followed the scent until he stumbled on a spring, where he later told the local newspaper, “Oil flowed at a rate of 5 gallons per hour.” Bowen quickly staked a claim on the

US is set to surpass Saudi Arabia on oil production

The United States became the world’s largest natural gas producer in 2010 and is streaking past Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of petroleum liquids, according to the International Energy Agency. Despite scare tactics by the Left that a “peak oil” event took place in the 1990s and global production was in terminal

We are all One

Permanent Revolution

Apple’s innovation

For years, Samsung & LG have been teasing the public with bending display. Well, Apple has beat Samgung & LG to the punch by introducing the world’s first bending smartphone. This is not all. By upgrading to iPhone’s operating system, IOS 8.0.1, you will lose your ability to make voice calls or even access the

What is the parking lot number?

Startup Secrets Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Startup Secret #1: Don’t be afraid to say “no” more than “yes.” As a startup, you will be defined as much (or more) by what you say “No” to as what you say “Yes” to. Perhaps the single most important Startup Secret is to find your focal point. As an entrepreneur, you are naturally inclined to be ambitious,

How to create data URIs using PHP

<?php echo base64_encode(file_get_contents("image.png")) ?> Why do this? Less HTTP Requests. Other than pure document size, number of HTTP requests determines how fast or slow a page loads. Less = better.


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