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Let me tell you a short story about a shoe maker. He lived in a small farm town in the mid 18th century. The man made shoes his whole life. When he wasn’t making shoes for the towns people, he was reading his Bible, and carving his favorite verses into the walls of his wooden shop. It was not uncommon for people to ask about the verses on the walls and have open discussions on God with the man in his shop. He converted about a dozen people a year for decades and strengthened the faith of many more Christians that past through his town each year. Now his story has reach you.

One day he got old and couldn’t make shoes as effectively as he use to. So he hired a young teenage orphan to be his apprentice. The boy did the labor intensive work of making the shoes that the old man couldn’t.

One day a new shoe making shop was built in town and the old man’s and his apprentice lost some business. The boy was worried so one day he went to the shop and found that the shop was making shoes much faster than the old man was. However he also saw that that shop cut corners and made their shoes of a lesser quality. He asked the owner if the shop about it and the man said,”They come back all the quicker when we make shoes this fast my boy!”

The boy went back to the old man and was convinced that if they did not start cutting corners they would go out of business. The old man stopped his work immediately and went over to his Bible, which was always open on the counter. The old man read his apprentice a verse.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” -Colossians 3:23

After reading the verse The old man turned to the boy and said,”One day I will Die. When I do I will stand before the throne of God and I expect to see every shoe I have ever made, or fixed over the years in a gray like before me. I know God will judge me on my heart’s intension and look to me good work I have down for my fellow man and he will say to me,”Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have served your fellow man well and followed after me all your life. The Kingdom of Heaven is your for all of Eternity!”

The old man continued,”That is why we don’t cut corners. It is for the love of God himself! Now you must think for yourself young man. What kind of man are you going to be? Will you be a good man and love your neighbor or will you cheat and swindle your neighbor for some money?”

With that the Old man went back to his work making shoes and God provided for him until the day he joined the Saints with the most high.

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