How to force cache flush

July 12, 2016 7:24 am Published by 2 Comments

I’ve updated the icon font & the icon font was not showing properly.

To force flush icon fonts after making changes to your icon fonts, you can use applicationCache.swapCache().

Below is the code snippet I’ve used to force a new cache on visitor.

// Check if a new cache is available on page load.
window.addEventListener('load', function(e) {

  window.applicationCache.addEventListener('updateready', function(e) {
    if (window.applicationCache.status == window.applicationCache.UPDATEREADY) {
      // Browser downloaded a new app cache.
      // Swap it in and reload the page to get the new hotness.
      if (confirm('A new version of this site is available. Load it?')) {
    } else {
      // Manifest didn't changed. Nothing new to server.
  }, false);

}, false);

Hope this helps anyone who needs to force a new cache on visitors.

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