List of free CORS proxy server

Do you need to fetch contents from http server or use API that only offers http connection?

If the API provider does not offer https connection, you have to set up a CORS proxy server. Well, I don’t do server work & I have no idea how to even set it up even if I wanted to. I am a front-end guy & when I do not want to bother the server admin, I use free CORS proxy server.

Here is a list of CORS proxy server you can use for free.

cors-anywhereUSFollows redirects 5x
Require Origin header
crossorigin.meGETUSRequire Origin header
2MB size limit
cors-proxy.htmldrivenCZJSON response
don’t work well with binary
cors-proxy.taskclusterPOSTUSOnly witelisted to
Can send any header/method
jsonp.herokuapp.comUSSupports both jsonp and cors
galvanize-cors-proxyUSFork of cors-anywhere?
Don’t require any header
anyoriginUSOnly jsonp is supported, response is always json