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September 26, 2015 9:04 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

With Web API becoming more powerful and javascript syntax becoming ever so simple, do we really need to use jQuery anymore?

A: I think not.

In a year or two, I feel that cross-browser support for javascript will also be a non-issue.

I feel like AngularJS is also just a bridge until the next generation of browsers fully loaded with Web Components.

Custom Elements
HTML Templates
Shadow DOM
HTML Imports

Other than the structure, what does AngularJS really offer on top of these four html5 technologies?

For me at least, what draws me to AngularJS is Ionic framework.

Will Ionic evolve into a truly native app bridge from a hybrid solution?

What I am really uncertain is about the future standard/bridge to native mobile app such as Native Script and React Native.

Which solution will prevail? Will AngularJS offer its own solution?

So many choices to make & decide these days.

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