Our universe could be a 2D hologram

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A study of theoretical physics by scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) suggests that our universe could be a 2D hologram.

The study indicates that the perceived three dimensional universe might actually be the image of two dimensional processes on a huge cosmic horizon.


Holograms on credit cards or banknotes are actually two dimensional, but they appear three dimensional to us. And it could be the same with our universe. Daniel Grumiller (TU Wien) says “In 1997, the physicist Juan Maldacena proposed the idea that there is a correspondence between gravitational theories in curved anti-de-sitter spaces on the one hand and quantum field theories in spaces with one fewer dimension on the other.”

Grumiller and his colleagues from India and Japan worked on a theoretical mathematical model and have published an article in the journal “Physical Review Letters” that validates the correspondence principle in a flat universe and not just in curved anti-de-sitter spaces.

Daniel Grumiller suspected for quite some time that a correspondence principle could hold true for our real universe. For three years, he and his team at TU Wien (Vienna) have been working in cooperation with the University of Edinburgh, Harvard, IISER Pune, the MIT and the University of Kyoto on constructing gravitational theories which do not require exotic anti-de-sitter spaces, but live in a flat space.

When quantum particles get together, it is not possible to describe them individually. Even if they are located far from each other, they form a single quantum object. “Entropy of entanglement” is the measure for the amount of entanglement in a quantum system. Grumiller and his colleagues could show that this entropy of entanglement takes the same value in flat quantum gravity as well as in a low dimension quantum field theory.

Source : http://journals.aps.org/prl/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevLett.114.111602

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