What I saw back in 2011

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In a vision, I saw an orb or a ball burning in red/orange color. For years, I wanted to draw what I saw as closely as possible and this is the best rendering that I can create.


This looked artificial. What I mean by that is, it didn’t look like it was naturally formed; rather it looked mechanical and metallic. I believe what I saw is what is commonly referred to as the “ball of redemption.”

The orb I saw was out in space but once it enters the atmosphere, it will probably look like this.

In a separate vision, I saw that God has hurled four or five meteorites toward earth. I believe these meteorites will impact the earth and these would cause global tsunami.

Clearly, this is God’s judgement, meant to punish this wicked & sinful world.


Many will die. The damage will be so horrendous that I would be surprised if any living soul remains on earth after this happens. I was already dead by the time this global tsunami happened but from above, I saw the east coast in complete ruin.

The tsunami was mountain high. It was huge.

I would never forget what I saw as long as I live. These visions were traumatic and simply beyond anything I can possibly imagine. I do not know when these events will take place.

But these events will surely take place and many, if not most, will get to meet his or her creator during this time.

Are you ready to meet your creator?


After I had my visions in 2011, I’ve scoured the internet looking for clues or reasons as to why I had these visions. I did find others who had similar vision as mine but I’ve found the the most striking resemblance in what I saw with Ed Dames “killshot events.”

Major Ed Dames (retired) is a remote viewer and since 1994, he’s been talking about the killshot events in which most of the humanity is wiped out. He also talks about global coastal events in which global tsunami is triggered by meteorites impacting the earth.

In this sense, Major Dames’ vision of “killshot events” is very similar to visions I had back in 2011.

To Major Dames’ credit, he did correctly predict the Japanese earthquake in 2011 and he did mention how this would create at least a “mini chernobyl” in Japan.

According to Ed Dames, the earthquake & tsunami in Japan, along with nuclear strike on S. Korea by the N. Korea is the last major key events before the “killshot events” take place.

Well, we had the Japanese earthquake as Ed Dames had foresaw and Rev. David Wilkerson had prophesied.

When will the N.Korea strike? Back in 1994, Ed Dames stated that N. Korea will strike S. Korea in anger from the rest of the International committee.


It seems that N. Korea is pretty isolated and angry these days.

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