Windows 10 users ditch Edge browser

October 7, 2015 5:32 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Quantcast measures Web traffic at more than 100 million sites, primarily those in the U.S.

StatCounter measures web traffic at more than 30 million sites throughout the world.

These data are delivered to advertising agencies, publishers, and to consumer brands.

Like other analytics vendors such as StatCounter, Quantcast mines the data from sites it tracks to break out browser and OS usage based on website visitors and page views.

According to Quantcast, even Window 10 users are avoiding Edge browser.


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This is consistent with market share data provided by StatCounter.


This is not surprising since Edge is limited, without add on extensions. No “Save As.” Regardless, Edge is a step forward from IE, which has lagged behind everything else for years, as Microsoft rested on their laurels and market share of ignorant home users and corporate PC’s users. For me, Chrome has been and will continue to be my default browser for the foreseeable future.

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