WordPress is continuing its world dominance in 2016

October 20, 2016 3:28 am Published by Leave your thoughts

According to data gathered by BuiltWith, HostingFacts, and Trellis, WordPress maintained its world dominance in CMS market this year.

courtesy of https://hostingfacts.com/
courtesy of https://hostingfacts.com/

Not too many years ago, big 3 in CMS meant Drupal, WordPress, & Joomla.

Sadly for Drupal, it can no longer be considered as big 3 as its current market share is in 7th place.

What’s surprising to me is how popular Wix has become.

Knowing that Wix had spent over $141 million in marketing last year, I can only say that Wix is managing and succeeding to find more & more victims.

Lastly, I don’t necessarily think that WordPress market share increase is a good thing for everyone. Sure, WordPress developers may feel that’s a good news as more customers are deciding to run their websites on WordPress.


However, for site owners themselves, deciding to use WordPress no longer gives them competitive edge as just about every other businesses are using WordPress as well.

According to one statistics, roughly 76% of SMB in the U.S. which has a website was running on WordPress last year.

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